Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello World!

I guess I should start with an introduction of sorts... I'm Sarah. My personality is a strange combination of OCD tendencies and laziness. I love lists and charts and straight lines. I hate cleaning. I love organizing the idea of clutter into the idea of order. I HATE CLEANING. I have a very hard-working and intelligent, aspiring Geologist husband. He also hates cleaning. We have two adorable and large pit mix dogs. They love making a mess with their hair and their paws and their dog stuff.

Long story short, I sometimes feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Losing to my own laziness, my habit of making too many goals that sabotage my efforts, my struggles with having everything perfect or why bother doing it, etc. etc. We have parenthood looming on the horizon and I'm giving myself a couple more years to make positive changes in my thoughts, actions, and habits. (And to drink ALL THE WHISKEY.) Chaos overwhelms me very quickly and affects all aspects of my life. We should nip that in the bud.

I'm not sure how much help my trials and tribulations will provide to you, my reader. Maybe you'll find my journey gives you motivation to begin your own. I have to be honest about one thing, sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of how great my before and after shots will be. Whatever works! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you continue to check back!

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